Two Residential Plots for sale at Malkerns @ 700k per hectare

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

Two residential small holding plots for sale at Malkerns near Eagles Nest.

Plot one is 4.81 hectares

Plot two is 2.64 hectares

Asking price is 700k per hectare and its negotiable

1800 sqm plot for sale at Nkonyeni @ 550k

+268  76646292 [email protected]

Sidvokodvo 》Nkonyeni Golf Estate next to the main Gate
1800sqm vacant title deed plot for sale with a road frontage for sale @ E550K

114 hectares farm at Mooihok for sale @ 5.5M

+268  76646292 [email protected]

Shiselweni 》Mooihok 114 hectares farm with a perennial river, Kraal , fenced , tractor, 55 cows , farm house,road frontage, electricity etc for sale.

Asking price at 5.5M

1900 sqm vacant plot for sale at Tubungu @ 550k

+268  76646292 [email protected]

Tubungu ext 1, 1900 sqm vacant plot
With a road frontage, asking price E550K

2500 sqm plot for sale at Dalrich @ 650k

+268  76646292 [email protected]

A 2500 sqm plot is available at Mbabane Dalrich at E650k.

A 7.5 hectares commercial property with a Factory Shell in Mbabane for sale @ 9M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 7.5 hectare commercial property with a 1200 sqm factory shell in Mbabane, Mahwalala for sale. Its about 6Km from the CBD.

Asking price is 9M and Evaluation price is 10.5M.

3 bedroom house at Ngwenya for sale @ 3.4M

+268  76646292 [email protected]

A 3 bedroom house at Ngwenya near boarder gate is for sale. It has a garage, borehole and is fenced. 

Asking price is 1.4M

211 hectares farm at Mantambi Mhlosheni South for sale @ 6M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

211 hectares farm at Mantambi Mhlosheni South for sale. It has a spring water source and the farm is on both sides of the tarred road. Its good for farming, grazing and anything you might be interested in doing.

Asking price is 6M

Farms for sale at Hawane - Nkhaba area

+268  76646292 [email protected]

The following farms are available for sale at Hawane - Nkhaba Area:

  1. 2.4 hectares : E1,400,000
  2. 7.88 hectares : E2,800,000
  3. 12 hectares : E3,600,000
  4. 9 hectares : E3,100,000

This prices are negotiable. We are available for viewing anytime.

6 hectares farm at Nokwane for sale @ 2.3M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

6 hectares farm at Nokwane for sale at 2.3M. It has an irrigation system in place and it border Usutfu river. It can be used for farming and building houses.

3 x 2 bedroom For Sale At Lavumisa @ 1.5M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

3 x 2 Bedroom Flats on a big stand at Lavumisa Boarder Gate for sale at E1.45M. They have a rental potential of E9,000.00 per month.

1500 sqm Dalriach, Mbabane Plot for sale @ 650k

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

1500 plot at Dalriach East opposite Sifundzani High School. Asking price 650k

113 hectares farm at KaHlatsi for sale @ 3.5M

+268  76646292 [email protected]

113 hectares farm for sale at KaHlatsi at 3.5M. It is good for cattle and goat grazing. It has a barbed wire all around

5 hectares Hawane Farm for sale @ 2.3M

+268  76646292 [email protected]

5 hectares farm for sale at Hawane for 2.3M. It is flat with a stream of water at the border of the farm. Less than 5 minutes drive from main road.

6000 sqm Thembelihle plot for sale @ 800k

+268  76646292 [email protected]

A 6000 sqm plot for sale in Thembelihle Mbabane. The 4000sqm is usable and the 2000sqm has a small stream running through. Asking price is 800k.

A 5260 sqm Tubungu Plot for sale @ 1.9M

+268  76646292 [email protected]

5260sqm plot at Tubungu Estate for sale at 1.9M negotiable.

88 hectares Hawane Farm for sale

+268  76612589 [email protected]

88 hectares at Hawane for sale. A hectare is being sold at 280k from 500k. Contact 76646292

Mbabane, Fonteyn Houses for sale @ 2.6M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

 2 houses in one plot for sale at Fonteyn Mbabane. Both houses have 3 bedrooms. Asking price is E2.8M