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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is broad-based, covering areas such as machine design, materials engineering, aerodynamics, power generation, mechatronics, and dynamics to name a few.

Requirements of pursuing this field
  • Have an excellent grasp of the necessary concepts in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, plus language skills.
  • Have aptitude for, and scientific interest in, how both living and mechanical things are constituted and how they function.
  • Have the ability and the desire to identify, analyse and solve problems, to be logical and practical, and yet inventive and innovative, creative and analytical.
  • Have good oral and written communication skills and be able to work well in a team.
  • Have an excellent aptitude for computing and design.
  • Have the ability to work without supervision and accept responsibility – a disciplined self-starter who is able to apply oneself and who will work on a problem until it is solved.
  • To be enthusiastic, and to have perseverance and patience with details and precision.

Mechanical Engineer
  • A mechanical engineer is someone with a natural curiosity and a creative desire to make things that work.
  • Mechanical engineers combine sound knowledge of physical and engineering science with ingenuity to create the mechanical devices and systems that are essential to almost every industry and every phase of technology.
  • Their activities range from those leading to the production of a machine (research, design, development and manufacturing) to those ensuring the optimal performance of the equipment (manufacturing and production), including management and consultation.

Career Opportunities for the Mechanical Engineer
  • A wide variety of career opportunities are available to mechanical engineers in diverse areas such as transportation; nuclear, solar and fossil fuel energy development and utilisation; mining and earth moving equipment; heating and air-conditioning; air and water pollution control; metals and materials; or in the development of orthopaedic apparatus.
  • Research forms an integral part of the development of many of these areas to establish and develop operating principles of mechanisms, devices and systems.