Solar Energy Life

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At Solar Energy Life in Matsapha, the services are offered:

Load Shedding Back-Up Systems

+ Uninterrupted power during load shedding.+ Run critical loads like TV, DSTV, PC, cellphone chargers, fridge and lights.

+ Automatic change-over when load shedding starts.

+ Charge from the grid.

+ Solar-Ready Inverter (Add Solar Panels Later).

+ Free Delivery/ Collect at Agents Nationwide.

+ Pre-Wired with Breakers, Extension & Plug.

Engineered Solar Power Solutions

+ Perfect entry-level system.+ Includes Solar Panels.

+ Panel Mounts.+ Inverter(s).+ Batteries.

+ Cabling & Installation Kit.

+ System Sizing & Design.

Solar Geyser Conversions

+ Convert your existing Geyser to Solar+ Payback in 2 - 3 years

+ Aesthetically pleasing flat Glass Panel

+ Intelligent Controller with Grid Back-Up & Timer

+ Frost Resistant

+ 1 Panel heats a 200l Geyser

+ Installation by Specialised Plumbers

Solar Pumping Solutions

+ Solar Borehole Pumps

+ Solar Powered Pressure Pumps

+ Solar Pond & Pool Pumping Solutions

+ Rain Water Harvesting Systems

+ Solar only & Solar

+ Grid Models

+ Installation Available