Sign Language Training College

Education +268 76646292 / 79101226 Mbabane


Achieve a barrier free communication between the Deaf and the Hearing people. Equal access to services. Having a good relationship between the Deaf children and their parents.


Providing quality Sign Language trainings and interpreting services to both parties continuously in order to have better communication access in terms of public services delivery, discussions and sharing of ideas.


Sign Language Training College is an institution that started in 2010 and is fully registered. This is a College whereby full/part time Swazi Sign Language courses are offered. This Learning Institution is mainly targeting the Hearing people who are school leavers and the public at large who are ambitious to acquire the skill to communicate with the marginalized Deaf people.

We provide workshops to Business Companies, Government, Non-Governmental organizations. Such short trainings are in two levels which is level 1 that is basic Swazi Sign Language and level 2 is Sign Language Communication. Each training takes 1 week and we are also flexible with training schedule to be discussed that shall suit that your organization. The main intention is to equip the service providers on Sign Language communication so that Deaf people can also access the public services. At the end of the workshops certificates are awarded to the participants.

We also provide Sign Language Interpreting by Professionals Swazi S.L Interpreters who adhere to code of ethic to ensure that quality service is fully delivered. Such services are rendered where Deaf person/s are involved like companies that have Deaf employees, National Events, Workshops, Meetings, etc. This is in line with the His Majesty King Mswati III’s vision of 2022 of reaching the 1st World status as entire people of Eswatini regardless of living with any disabilities.


  • Basic Swazi Sign Language: 3 Months
  • Sign Language Communication: 5 Months
  • Advanced S.L Communication and Introduction to S.L Interpreting: 9 Months
  • Form 3 Certificate(certified copy)
  • ID Copy(certified copy)
  • Application fee of E180 (Non refundable)
  • Broadening your interaction to the Deaf people rather than isolating them.
  • To promote inclusion in various meeting places where there are Deaf people such as, work places ,church services event, community gatherings etc.
  • Being a Sign Language Interpreter, which is currently scarce to immediately get someone who skilled in this profession here Eswatini.
  • Can also be able to deliver your services even to Deaf people through S.L communication. etc
  • Have created employment opportunities to our students, especially those who have other qualifications.
  • Creating more advantages for students to be easily admitted to other learning Institutions.
  • Our students usually come to rescue where there is language barrier between service providers who is illiterate in Sing Language and a Deaf person/client by interpreting in Government sectorial ministries where services are available for the public eg, police station, Hospitals, Home Affairs Churches etc.
  • In 2017 we had our 1ST Graduation ceremony for student who had completed level 3, and was graced by the presence of the Teaching Service Commission Chairman who was the guest Speaker.
  • Students had an opportunity to exhibit their skill in the 2018 elections; this enabled increased participation by Deaf people who were assisted by skilled students.
Applications are available at the institution.