Rehovot Investment

Investment +268 76646292 / 79101226 Manzini


At Rehovot Investments we offere the following:
  1. Rendering security services, such as providing security guards including security training, cash management services, security inteligence, installation of security systems including supplying of security uniforms.
  2. Supplying and selling of protective clothing, agricultural equipments, veterinary chemicals, medical consumables, medical equipments, cleaning chemicals and materials and building materials.
  3. Supply and sell stationary, books, office machine, household and scholatic furniture.
  4. Provide transport services such as truck, haulage, grap loaders, kombis, buses, car hire and courier.
  5. Provide cleaning services, grass cutting, bush clearing, forest harvesting and pest control services.
  6. Provide construction works of all kinds such as building construction, civil works, road cabbing, plumbing, earth works, maintanance, road works stone pitching, landscapping, painting, welding, electrical works, block making, fencing.
  7. Import and export all kinds of goods and commodities.