Emergency Medical Rescue College

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Pioneering specialized Emergency Medical Care and Rescue training that qualifies for efficient patient accessibility and quality management.


Provision of quality patient orientated training that will be evidence-based from a scientific philosophy and learning approach.


The newly established EMRC is proud to be the first college in Swaziland to offer Emergency Medical Care and Rescue training. In partnership with the University of Eswatini (UNESWA), we offer courses at all levels, from single modules all the way to degree level, training individuals with existing experience as well as those intending on establishing a career within the EMS or Rescue Services. It is accredited by the Swaziland Higher Education Council, registration number SH.03.17, also the training is recognized by the Medical &Dental Council of Swaziland.


As a prospective student you can look forward to starting a rare career path within the healthcare sector. You will be exposed to different fields of pre-hospital setting, namely Emergency Medical Care and Rescue. You will become part of an elite team of Emergency Care Provider whom are recognized internationally. You will also gain more clinical knowledge through our staff at the college and lecturers from the University of Eswatini. Most importantly students should expect that once they are done with the programme they will have the skills and expertise to make a huge difference in people’s lives through their medical and clinical skill.


  • Diploma in Emergency Medical Care : 3 Years
  • An Emergency Care Technician treats patients that need urgent medical care by performing advanced prehospital medical procedures. A qualified Emergency Care Technician is able to render emergency medical care to ill and injured patients in a variety of environments. In addition, the Practitioner is also trained to take command of major incidents, provide clinical governance, manage emergency services and play a role in education and training of emergency service personnel. The Diploma in Emergency Care Technology will enable students to acquire life-saving and practice as a license practitioner. This curriculum enhances the essential knowledge base of Advanced Life Support emergency care technicians. This Diploma will enable learners to gain entry into the emergency medical services and have an impact in the re-structuring of the emergency medical services of Swaziland.
  • Certificate in Emergency Medical Care : 1 Year
  • The Certificate in Emergency Medical Care will enable learners to acquire life-saving and practice as a license practitioner who practices under supervision. This curriculum enhances the essential knowledge base of Emergency Care Technicians. Upon obtaining the certificate learners will gain entry into and have an impact in the re-structuring of the Emergency Medical Services of Swaziland.
  • Certificate in Rescue Technology : 1 year
  • To train and educate learners into becoming Rescue Technicians who specializes primarily on rescue but are also medically orientated and will be able to provide basic medical assistance should there be a need. This programme will allow practitioners or student to share and advance rescue science and technology and to develop and enhance proficiency in general rescue techniques, vehicle rescue, incident command and pre-hospital care. To promote injury prevention, through education and awareness, within all groups at risk from unintentional injury, thus reducing the gap between patient access and medical treatment through reducing the amount of time required to access the patient. The Certificate in Rescue Technology will equip learners with the necessary skills to operate within the EMS system, Defence force, Police Service, Fire Department and other relevant services with the objective of providing rescue assistance to those in need.
  • Pass a fitness assessment set up to test endurance (both physical and mental).
  • For learners coming straight from high school they will have to possess a minimum of 25 points in Form 5 or equivalent with passes in English, Mathematics and Sciences. Geography will be an added advantage.
  • Those already in the EMS industry should possess the minimum of a Certificate in Basic Ambulance Assistance course or higher with any accredited and reputable institution.
  • Entry by exemption: candidates from protection services (Defence Force, Police Service, and Wildlife), Fire Brigade, Agriculture, Emergency Medical Services and Utility Services will also be eligible for entry
Work opportunities for graduates of the Diploma in Emergency Medical Care and Certificate in EMC courses exist in:
  • Provincial and local authority Emergency Medical Services
  • Private Emergency Services and hospital groups
  • Defence Forces
  • Remote site services such as offshore oil rigs and the mining industry
  • Civil defence agencies
  • Emergency Medical Services abroad e.g. UK, USA, Australia, UAE
  • Universities and colleges offering emergency care education and training
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Flight Medical Attendant
  • First Aid Level I
  • First Aid Level II
  • First Aid Level III
  • Application fee: E300.00 (non-refundable)
  • Student ID: E70
  • Tutition for Certificate: E +/-25000.00
  • Tuition for Diploma: E +/- 80000.00
  • Basic life Support for health-care provider (AHA): E1550
  • Advanced Cardiac life support: E 4550.00
  • First Aid 1 : E850.00
  • First Aid 1&2 : E1400.00
  • First Aid 1, 2&3 : E1650.00
  • Workplace First Aid : E1500.00
  • Basic Fire –Fighting :E1950.00
  • Flight Medical Assistance : E5400.00
  • Light Motor Vehicle Rescue : E 4600.00
  • Fire Search and Rescue : E5400.00
  • Industrial and Agricultural Rescue : E3500.00
  • High Angle Rescue 1 : E4700.00
  • Aviation Rescue : E9200.00
  • Aquatic Rescue : E8640.00
  • Hazmat : E3700.00
  • Trench Rescue : E4800.00
  • Structural Collapse Rescue : E6350.00
  • High Angle Rescue 2 : E5200.00
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue : E4450.00
  • Confined Space and Rescue : E4820.00