Zikhali Consulting Services

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The vision is to see Deaf people fully accessing services and treated equally with the Hearing people.


The mission is to teach Sign Language especially to the Hearing so that there could be a flow of communication between the two parties, offer interpreting services and to train Deaf people and the disabled people at large on awareness of any situation they come across to make sure that their rights are looked after and they get full knowledge of the things happening around them. Currently there is a very little knowledge given to them as they are not educated but can only understand Sign Language


Zikhali Consulting Services in Manzini is a registered company that was formed to look after the development and wellness of the Deaf people in Swaziland by making communication easier between the Deaf and the Hearing people, the also promoting quality in Swazi Sign Language. This is done through training the Hearing community, Deaf parents and Deaf who didn’t went to school on Sign Language and on Deaf Culture. We also extend any important information to Deaf community by providing professional Sign Language Interpreters who adhere to code of ethics.

Zikhali Consulting Services has already worked with various companies /organizations, some of which we are still working with. We have been training staff members on Sign Language with the intention of enable them to communicate with the Deaf clients/people. We have provided our training organization like Family Life Association of Swaziland, trained etc. As an Institution we have formal courses that are full time and part time, they are in various duration and level. Certificates are awarded at the end of each course. We have completed and we still work with some of the organizations listed below;

Sign Language Education

  • Trained FLAS staff member on Sign Language
  • Trained C.M.A. staff member on Sign Language
  • Trained Civil servants form different Ministries
  • Teaching Sign Language at school for the Deaf, teachers, support staff, parent and student
  • Teaching Sign Language at Southern Africa Nazarene University
Sign Language Interpreting
  • Interpreting in clinics, hospitals, police station, Courts etc.
  • Interpreting in C.M.A.C
  • LEVEL 1 Basic Sign Language (2/3 months)
  • LEVEL 2 Deaf Culture/Sign Language communication (2/4 months)
  • LEVEL 3 Introduction to interpreter (9month /1 year)