Boiler and Refractory Specialist

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Broiler and Refractory Specialist in Matsapha specializes in; Boiler, Kilns, Incinerator, Convection sections of heaters, Induction Furnaces, Power Plant Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Fire boxes and Ovens, Cremators.
-Bricks, Refractory, Insulation and Lagging Systems.

-Boiler retubing and expand including service.

-All Fabrication /Boiler Making work.

- Mechanical Fitting.

Supply and Install different types of refractories such as Acidic, Basic and Neutral Materials for:
Boiler, Kilns, Incinerator, Convection sections of heaters, Induction Furnaces, Power Plant Industry, Petrochemical Industry, Fire boxes and Ovens.

Refractories are Shaped (Bricks) and Unshaped (Monolithic) materials, which consist the following minerals materials:

Fire clay refractories . Alumina refractories . Silica refractories . Magnesite refractories .Chromite refractories .Zircon refractories

We supply our final products as for the customers order, because they are delivered in different grades, quantities, dimensions and their applications. And these refractory materials includes Installation(which is gunning, casting and brick laying of the refractory materials), Testing( which is the wet and dry form testing of the material before installation), Inspection(which is visual inspection on cracks, damage seal joints and thinning on the refractory lining and symptomatic signs inspection can be thermal heat loss or changes on the equipments performance and hot fire spot on metal casing )and Repairs, they are as follows :
Refractory Castable, gunning mix, Refractory Bricks, Ramming Materials, Plaster Materials, Parting Materials, Refractory mortar, Refractory Cement and Insulating materials.
Our refractory materials consist of physical and chemical properties which are resistance from decomposition by heat, pressure, chemical attack, abrasion, thermal shock, slag and they are also high and low thermal conductivity.

We also teach our customers on how to Cure and Dry-out (bake out) our refractory materials without damaging the refractory lining. And this process it is done to remove mechanical water (the site added water when mixing material) and chemical water (which is the water that is added during manufacturing material).

Briefing on the Curing and Dry-Out of refractory lining:
Curing refractory lining is leaving the wet refractory for 12-24 hours from the humid atmosphere for drying period.

Dry-out or bake out refractory lining it is the process of applying heat on the refractory lining after curing and this process it is done at a controlled heat rate temperature. . We also demolish and clean old refractories.

We supply and install services on cold and heat surfaces in insulation and lagging such as:

Mineral wool and boards .

Glass wool and boards .

Ceramic fiber blanket,

Ceramic tape,

Ceramic rope,

Ceramic cloth,

Ceramic fiber bulk,

Ceramic fiber boards,

Ceramic fiber paper,

Calcium silicates boards,


Alkaline earth silicate and polycrystalline .

Stainless steel sheeting.

Aluminum sheeting.

Galvanized sheeting.

IBR Sheeting .

TPH plaster insulation

We supply services in all Boiler making / Fabrication works:
Fabrication of Structure steel .

Tractor repairs .

Power plant construction .

Welding pipes.

Aluminum and Copper welding.

We also do visual inspection and cracks defaults on welds.

Types of Welding supplied are:
Gas Metal Arc welding .

Stick - Shielded metal Arc welding .

Flux - cored Arc welding .

Gas tungsten Arc welding which is Argon.

Supply, Service and Install all types of Pumps:

Centrifugal pumps.
mono pumps
Gear rotor pumps