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Dynapharm Eswatini is affiliate of Dynapharm International Phil s, Inc. with its Head Quarters in Penang Malaysia, is a company that imports and distributes mainly Food Supplements, Plant Fertilizers, Generic Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Traditional, Cosmetic Toiletries and Beauty Products globally through Multi-level/Network Marketing. It is a Health based organization that believes in a holistic approach towards health.

Dynapharm was first introduced in Eswatini in 2012. Dynapharm operates in most African countries with a vision of reaching out to the entire African continent.

Our success has been due to the effectiveness of our food supplements, in which very many people have found good health and wealth through our compensation plan.


Aloe Vera Capsules: Removes Toxins and Harmful Substances
LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL PLUS GUARANA: Its rich natural pigment is the best antioxidant for the human body.
Instant Chocolate Mixture With Ganoderma Powder: Having a cup can help to eliminate exhaustion.
Instant Cappuccino Coffee With Ganoderma Powder: Specially formulated using high quality Ganoderma and Coffee to produce natural and tasty coffee flavour.
Wheatgrass Extract Powder: Improves bloating and constipation, aid in absorption of nutrients and toxin excretion.
Instant Coffee Mixture With Ganoderma Powder: Provides an invigorating effect for those who stay up late.
Kenzotakara: An ideal product for those under stress and an imbalanced nervous system.
Yeegarlic (Allium Stivum): Lowers cholesterol levels, as well as prevent and control diabetes.
Yee Gano Capsule: Helps internal organs to function normally.

Goats Milk Tablet: It is the most suitable supplement for growing children and busy citizens.
Spirulina Tablet: Contains varieties of nutrients and rich in protein.
Instant Soybean Powder: It is the best beverage for elderly, pregnant women and growing children.
Daily Vite Multi Vitamins: Nutritional Assurance For childrens health and growth.
Pro-LSB: Assists in digestion process and eases constipation.
Dyna Serenoa: Helps fight Prostate Cancer.

Total Health Pack: Builds a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria and prevents proliferation of diseases.
Colostrum Prolink: Best treatment effect for adolescents and those who are weak
Bee Pollen Capsule: Polen is a superb beauty treatment that regulates and balances the inside, giving skin rosy complexion and keeps body full of vigour.
Vitamin C 100/C250 Tablet: Vitamic C resists blood acidity and protects the cardiovascular system. It helps you to maintain healthy blood and leaves your complexion ruddy and radiant
Green Tea: It kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissues.
Red Coffee with Ginseng: Cleanses the blood and kidneys, reduces inflammation, cleanses toxic wastes to help liver and spleen function, encourages healthy blood cell formation.

Gin Ali Capsule: Natural herbs essential/or prime functioning of body cells
Sea Cucumber Jelly: Sea cucumber is a traditional remedy for tissue growth. It is rich in collagen which can nourish the skin, promote cells grouping & accelerate wound healing
Instant Ginseng Honeg Ginger: Contains ginseng, ginger and honey, it can disperse gas in the body, increase blood circulation, alleviate tiredness and mental fatigue.
MILK THISTLE: It is the most recommended high grade liver protection product. Milk thistle contains active ingredients that can neutralise free radicals and help with liver detoxification

High Fiber Nutrition Food: High Fiber Nutrition Food helps in recuperate the health of intestines
DYNA S TABLET: Made from 11 types of Chinese herbs, it is useful as a slimming supplement. It can aid to reduce body fat and block glucose.
NONI PLUS TEA: Made from nonifruit and tea, it contains carotenoids and plant fibers, to emulsify fat and help in body detoxification.

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For more information on how to join and become a distributer, please contact group admin. If you are already an agent selling the products, you can call me to list your name as an agent under your region or contact the admin at Tfutfuka Eswatini 76646292.