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For over 50 years, Oriflame has been empowering people to make a change in their lives by personally recommend and sell high quality beauty products inspired by nature and powered by Swedish science. Oriflame is Europe largest beauty company selling direct with a global community of over 3 million independent sales consultants around the world. With Oriflame, the customer is key, it pay back interest on all your purchases and also the purchases of all those whom you convince to use Oriflame products as their brand.

You can start your business today and immediately make money by selling products. Or, you can build your own team and increase your earnings over time as you coach them to grow too. No previous experience of sales or building a business? Dont worry, we got your back every step of your journey. We provide your business with digital tools and your own online store. You get access to trainings, workshops and coaching, everything you need to succeed and reach your goals.

Want to see the world? As an Oriflame consultant you can join international business conferences where your success will be recognise. You will also meet and get inspired by other Oriflame consultants from around the world.

One of the benefits of being an Oriflame consultant is getting the chance to meet new friends from around the world who share your beauty interest and entrepreneurial spirit. We have a big, diverse and inspiring global beauty community and together the possibilities are endless. For over 50 years, we have been sharing experiences, knowledge and laughter together, because we believe that helping and supporting each other is the way to success!


We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and that with scientific support, it creates the most effective results. Whatever your skin type and age are, our huge range of the latest skin care ingredients are tailored just for you.

Make-up should enhance your natural beauty, but also give you freedom to express your individual, radiant personality. We offer the best on-trend beauty picks and essentials such as mascaras, lipsticks, blushes, and foundations, everyday cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips and nails, plus shades that suit everyone and every look. Whether seasonal basics or inspirational colour combinations, it is easy to shop our new products, all to look beautiful from morning to night.

A fragrance can seduce, bring forth beautiful memories or make you daydream about a faraway place. You can choose from our wide selection of perfumes inspired by dreams. All our fragrances are developed in France in order to ensure quality, innovative and performance.

Body care means taking care of your body from head to toe and plays an important role when you will feel clean, refreshed, healthy and pampered. We offer a comprehensive range of products for feet, oral hygiene and body, to meet your daily needs.

Whether you want to try out the latest hair trends or need care and treatment to the hair, so we have great styling and hair products that do the job.

6. MAN
Looking good is important for men, and we offer a great collection of fresh and effective formulas designed exclusively for them. This includes a comprehensive range of face, hair and body, where all products are real ingredients that tackle their beauty needs. Information sourced from www.oriflame.com

All people residing in the country are eligible to join and become agents of Oriflame. You register with only E65. You are then encouraged to place an order for products of E700+ so as to enjoy the Welcome Programe. The earnings in Oriflame is limitless, you can earn as much as you can dream. There are three categories of Oriflamers.
1. The Sales people
2. Consumers
3. The business people or networkers

For more information on how to join, please contact me any time. If you are already an agent you can call the group admin to list your name as an agent under your region or contact the admin at Tfutfuka Eswatini 76646292.