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The vision of its two founders, Veronica Devine (a marketing guru) and Paul Symes (a cosmetic chemist), was to launch a range of skincare products specifically designed for the harsh South African climate. The aim was to combine the very best of science and nature to develop a range that would be on par with international brands.

The success of the Justine brand has enabled many women (and men) to launch their own successful careers in direct selling. By 1996, Justine had become the number 1 direct-selling skincare brand in South Africa, with over 25 000 consultants selling this legendary range of products.

Its been over 40 years since the launch of Justine. A well-loved, proudly South African brand, Justine continues to be a pioneer in skincare development, with award-winning products and breakthrough skincare technology.

Why become a Justine Consultant? Being a Justine Consultant is fun and rewarding. Simply show your brochures to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues, and take their orders. No sales experience necessary. Justine will then deliver your orders to your door. You then deliver your customers orders, collect their money, pay Justine and pay yourself. Each month there is a new brochure packed with great special offers that you can show to your customers. The Justine brand is backed by a proud history, with iconic products like Justine Tissue Oil and Tabasheer Eau de Parfum, so you can be confident that will be selling quality products, proven to provide results.

There is no limit to the amount you can make with Justine because you are in business for yourself Simply put, the more time and effort you put into the business, and the more you develop your sales abilities, the more money you make.

As a Justine Consultant, you will receive the Just For You Magazine and get a sneak peek at the newest products, before they are available to customers. It is packed with hints and tips on how to sell and provides training on how to use the products, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest incentives and competitions.

Justine Products
1. Rollons
2. Skin care
3. Perfumes
4. Tissue Oil

Information sourced from http://www.justskincare.co.za

For more information on how to join and become a counsultant, please contact the group admin. If you are already an agent selling the products, you can call me to list your name as an agent under your region or contact the admin at Tfutfuka Eswatini 76646292.