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Longrich is a trustworthy global direct marketing company based in China and has been in operation for 29 years. The networking department of the company started in 2008 and currently produces over 2000 products. They also produce for top global brands (OEM clients) like Unilever, Wal-mart, Tesco, Gsk etc. Longrich trademark is registered in over 180 countries and has business operations in over 40 countries including China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, Ukraine, France, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya etc. Certified by ISO (International standard organization), NAFDAC, and HACCP etc. LONGRICH is a multinational company who distributes their products through multi-level marketing using direct sales plan. Longrich provides a solid platform for distributors who are bound to succeed as long as they turn their dreams into persistent pursuits.


1. Longrich has been in operation since 1986.
2. Largest Manufacturing Company in the whole of Asia.
3. Quality, affordable and highly effective and daily consumable products.
4. Generous compensation plan that leads to financial freedom.
5. Earn weekly bonuses according to team activity
6. No monthly autoship (no compulsory monthly purchases)
7. Point Value (PV) are cumulative; both from you and your teams effort. PVs accumulates, they do not fall
8. Only 3 direct partners is required (first generation).
9. Minimum of 2 direct partners can enable you achieve financial freedom.
10. Longrich plan encourages teamwork. Reason why you grow as your team grows.
11. It eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems and propels you straight to financial freedom
12. Earn bonuses on all generations till infinity therefore no blocking of team members.
13. Worldwide Incentives for foreign paid trips, brand new cars, MBA, university programs and furnished homes.
14. Highest payout in Africa minimum 8% - 75% profit share


1. Women health & hygiene;
2. Health care series;
3. Family care series;
4. Skin care series;


1. Superbklean Anion Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners (Ensures a painless menstrual flow, fights infection, Itching, Odor and irregular period, comes with indicators for testing for infection, very comfortable and eases stress..etc)
2. Sod Milk Body Cream (Smoothens the skin, suitable for all skin types)
3. The amazing P+ cup (Ensures a supply of purified and PH balanced water all the time through the elimination of excess acidity, chlorine and harmful metals)
4. White Tea Toothpaste (Combats toothache and decay, ensures healthy gums and fresh breath all day)
5. Bamboo Essence Whitening Soap (Eliminates Blackheads, Shaving bumps, Clears the skin and gives it a smooth and Youthful look) also clears Stretch marks.
6. Mouth Spray (With minty flavor for a cleaner and fresher breath, also cures sore throat) 7. Arthro Super Reviver (Strongly recommended for bone and joint aches, Rhematism, Arthritis..etc)
8. NutriVrich Slimming Drink (For a healthy and slimmer appearance, suitable for Diabetic Patients, serves as meal replacement)
9. NutriVrich Raw Food Drink (Helps in cancer management, boosting of the immune system and your overall health)
10. Calcium Chewable Tablets (Supplements the needed calcium in your body, strengthens the bone and teeth)
11. Anti-perspirant Dew (Keeps you dry and fresh all day)
12. Mosquito Repellant Body Spray (Keeps your body safe from mosquito bites for up to 8 hours) 13. Hydrating Hand Cream (Helps to soften the palms)
14. Sparkle Conditioning Shampoo(With Pomegranate for smoothening out coarseness,elimination of dandruff,hair growth and revival..etc)
15. Botanic Body Wash (With moisturizing milk essence, Shea butter,honey extract,aloe essence..etc for moisturizing and smoothing of your skin, also gets rid of body odour).
16. Condensed Dish-washing Detergent and Laundry Liquid (With natural formula that removes stubborn stains, mild and does not irritate the skin, simultaneous cleansing)
17. LIBAO (Male fertility Supplement).
18. Mengian Female Fertility Supplement.
19. Longrich Health Wine (Eliminates bone and joint aches, Boosts Libido, recommended for the elderly and people who experience stress daily)
20. Constipation (Green)Tea ( Eases digestion and cures pile and indigestion)
21. Blood Fat Reducing (Brown) Tea (Helps in weight loss) mainly for reducing sugar level. For high B.P and lowering of cholesterol.
22. Slimming (Pink)Tea (Helps in weight loss)
23. Cordyceps Coffee Deccainfenated coffee) ( Nutritious and keeps you vibrant all day)
24. Classy Style Cooking Pot (Retains the natural nutrients in food, eliminating the chances of eating overcooked food, prevents spoilage even without warming).
25. Cordyceps Militaris:Powerful Anti-biotics, used for managing wide range of infection caused by bacteria, e.g Tuberculosis, Staphylococcus, and even HIV. Others include:, White tea nourishing Soap, Bone M, Baby bod

For more information on how to join, please contact me any time. If you are already an agent you can call the group admin to list your name as an agent under your region or contact the admin at Tfutfuka Eswatini 76646292.

Information sourced from www.longrichng.com