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 Edmark Group of Companies is a multi-million dollar company with market presence in over 25 countries and is involved in various business interests from manufacturing, exporting, distribution, and real estate development. Inspired by the people’s spirit of entrepreneurship and the ability to create wealth, EDMARK brings a powerful multi-level marketing business model with EDMARKs innovative health and household products to the world.

The opportunity to realize ones financial freedom and impact the lives of others is within grasp. Through enlightenment and education in the EDMARK Education System, success can be duplicated across all continents, communities, and cultures.



Chronic diseases have increasingly plagued modern society. This can be attributed to the stress brought about by hectic and unhealthy lifestyles, as well as living in a polluted environment. Now, more than ever, managing our health is essential to sustain ourselves, for us to function at our peak while doing our daily activities.

However, maintaining good health is no longer just about eating well, exercising and seeking cure when the need arises. Our health depends on the well-being of a 75 trillion cells contained within it. Cytology, the study of cells, reveals these seemingly infinite miniature factories that process the nourishment we need and void the waste.

It only makes sense that maximizing our overall health requires that our body receive the optimum ingredients for ensuring health on a cellular level. Knowing, therefore, what our cells need to survive and more importantly, to thrive, is a prerequisite in every endeavor towards health maintenance.

Edmark Internationals outstanding products are geared towards health. As they say, health is wealth and wealth is health. Basically, health is about energy and vitality. And to achieve this end, we return to the basic building blocks of our well-being… OUR CELLS. This is why CRT or Cellular Rejuvenation Therapy is a vital part of our lifestyle.

CRT is a self management system of living through naturopathy. It works through the synergy of four major factors: first, balanced nutrition; second, increased oxygen intake; third, cleansing; and a finally, holistic approach. This will lead us to a healthy mind, a healthy body, and happiness in life.

Edmark International offers an array of healthy living products and food supplements intended to fulfill the needs of our body cells for optimum health, so as to attain the quality of life that we all should be enjoying.

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1. SHAKE OFF PHYTO FIBER (Detox/Cleansing) - It is a fast and convenient way to eliminate congested waste matter from your body. Prevents Constipation and Colon Cancer.

2.  MRT (Meal Replacement Therapy)(Weight Loss) - Fat Burning. Safe, effective and fast results in reducing obesity. Burns fats and contains a complete range of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids.

3.  SPLINA LIQUID CHLORPHYLL (Balancing/Oxygen Supply) Helps balance the acid-alkalinity in your body.

4.  GINSENG COFFEE & RED YEAST COFFEE (Holistic Approach/Rejuvenation). Energy booster, helps in blood circulation and reduces bad cholesterol.

5.  BIO ELIXIR - Be Young! Anti aging with amino acids and full of protein.
6. BUBBLE C - The real vitamin C - fights colds and infections, fortified with calcium
7. COCOLLAGEN - reduces depth of fine lines and wrinkles and plumps up the skin, lips and helps achieve a glowing radiant complexion.


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