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BSA Training Center is an institution established in 2013 after realizing the shortage of training institutions in Eswatini that empower young people with trade skills that would make them employable and self-employed. BSA also helps train students that were doing Pre-voc education at high school level that was introduced by the Government of Eswatini. BSA also help assist people with years of experince but lacking the certification that helps them in employment negotiations. BSA empowers people with in-born talent or passion in the trade areas offerred. We address the plight of young people who fail to complete school because they are not cut out for academics.


  • To be among the best Training Centres in the crude skills industry.
  • To provide best academic and industrial skills to our learners.
  • To facilitate employment opportunities for Swazis.
  • To equip learners with the spirit of entrepreneurship to enhance economic development.
  • To Develop and maintain a high visible community presence and will be known as a community based institution
  • BSA Training Centre seeks to harness and polish the crude trade skills that Swazi youth have but, do not qualify to enter institutions of higher learning due to the stringent entry requirement.
  • BSA Training Centre admits learners with the least academic qualification but, with a strong passion for the course, since the courses are mostly manual work.
  • BSA Training Centre teaches simultaneously theory and practical, to empower learners with both knowledge and skills.
  • The Training centre also exposes learners to existing companies in their respective trade areas and potential employers whilst in training.
  • The Training centre also seeks for job opportunities for the best performing learners, after the fulfilment of their courses.
  • Endurance
  • Trustworthy
  • Commitment
  • Transparency


  • Electrical Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Motor Machanic
  • Auto Electrical
  • Panel Beating and Spray Painting
  • Health & Safety
  • TBL Lessons
  • Health & Safety (also available in part-time lessons)
  • TBL Lessons
  • TBL Lessons
Courses in Agriculture, Civil Engineering and Catering coming soon!!

  • High school graduates who do not qualify at tertiary institutions, due to stringent entry requirement but, want to learn certain skills to acquire a job.
  • People who have a Junior Certificate and have not completed school due to various reasons.
  • People who have a strong passion for the selected course and have some practical experiences.
  • VOC’s who have been sponsored by the Government through their high school education, but do not have enough money to attend at higher institutions of learning, but want to learn a skill that will help them earn a living.
After graduating from BSA Training Centre, you are equipped with a trade skill which you can as an individual use to start your own workshop and be self-employed. Also, one can get employed at any industry in Eswatini based on the educational course he/she has taken.

  • Learners who enrol at BSA have a competitive advantage of attainment free driving lessons.
  • A full course at BSA takes one year only, after which a student will get a certification.
  • The courses tuition fee is affordable and thus every person has the opportunity of enrolling with the centre.
  • On successful completion of the course undertaken, the learner will be employable by small and big contractors.
  • BSA Training Centre abide by the culture, self-employment. Therefore, learners enrolling with the centre will be taught how to start their own businesses.
  • Enrolling at BSA will also reduce the crime rates committed by people who lye idle in communities, since even those with the least qualifications are allowed to learn.

Application forms are available at the institution once you have paid the registration fee.