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Auto Electrical
This is the study of all electrical devices associated with motor vehicles. It is part of the motor mechanics which deals solely with electrical devices. They install, repair and operate electrical wiring and devices and should have knowledge of electrical systems and operations.

Duties and tasks
  • Identify electrical malfunctions or damages using observation and testing tools
  • Inspect electronic and other components in the car, such as generators, volt regulators, motors, etc.
  • Monitor and repair deficiencies in electrical wiring, fuses, lights and ignition
  • Operate and ensure successful operation of engine control mechanisms
  • Organise and install electronic mechanisms and electrical wiring in automobiles
  • Take apart electronic devices and components to repair replace faulty parts
  • Unite vehicle appliances and accessories to electrical power supply to ensure successful operations
Requirements to pursue this area
The minimum requirement for entrance to automobile electrical is a minimum of three passes in the I.G.C.S.E./S.G.C.S.E which must include a C grade or better in English Language, Mathematics and any other two science subjects or technical subjects.

Career Opportunities
Modern motor vehicles are fast changing to use electronic systems. This require that all technician have a background of electrical systems. The following career paths are open to you:
  • Automotive battery and charging system technician: The technician is able to diagnonise and repair all charging system related faults.
  • Air-conditioner specialist: The technician will be able to repair motor vehicle air-conditioning systems.
  • Starter motor technician: starting system repairs involves testing before striping from vehicle of the starter motor.
Jobs in this industry
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Fitter
  • Automotive Electrical Mechanic
  • Automotive Parts Interpreter
  • Car Electrician
  • Electronics and Communications Technician
  • Light Engine Mechanic
  • Light Vehicle Motor Mechanic
  • Model Maker
  • Vehicle Serviceperson
Skills Required
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Manual Agility
  • Precision
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Strong Attention to Detail