Mahlabatsini flats for sale @ 400k

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

5 one bedroom flats available for sale at Mahlabatsini. There are also 2 bedsitters. Monthly income is 8k. Asking price is 400k.

16 Hectares farm at Sidvokodvo for sale @ 4.5M

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16 Hectares farm at Sidvokodvo for sale @ 4.5M. 

3 bedroom house for sale at Magwaneni Mbabane @ 590k

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A fully fitted 3 bedroom house for sale at Mangwaneni Mbabane. Asking price is 590k.

Mahwalala Bedsitter for sale @ 700k

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Two bedsitters for sale at Mahwalala Mbabane. It is fenced with electric gate. It has tenants who are paying 2.3k monthly. They were built in 2018. Asking price is 700k.

Restaurant for sale in Mbabane at 400k

+268  +268 76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A restaurant is available for sale in Mbabane. Its located in an area with a filling station and has a tar road frontange. Its monthly rentals is 8.5k and has a monthly income of 20k.  Its sold with all equipment. Business owner is relocating. Asking price is 400k.

Plot for sale at Mahlanya at 390k

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A plot in Mahlanya is available for sale. Its easily accessible since it is by the main road to Malkerns. Can be used for building a home or for commercial purposes. Its flat. Asking price is 390k

64.4 hectares farm at Ngwenya for sale at 8.5M

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A 64.4 hectares farm is available for sale at Ngwenya/Motshane. It is flat and can be developed into a township, building flats, construction of a lodge or anything you want. It is easily accessible since its along the highway to Ngwenya boarder post. The farm is also divided into 3 portions which can also be sold separately. Asking price is 8.5M

2969 sqm commercial property at Siteki CBD for sale at 3.3M

+268  +268 76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 2969 sqm commercial property is available for sale in Siteki CBD. It has a wine and malt bar, road frontage, shops and a large 3 bedroom house. It also has a butchery with a braai area and a bar. Asking price is 3.3M.

744 hectares farm in Siteki for sale at 11M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 744 hectares farm in Siteki is available for sale. It is about 15 minutes from the Siteki CBD and next to the Royal Residence. It is easily accessible by both foot and car since it a road leading to the farm. Its about 500m from the tar roads which ends at the Royal Residence. The farm can be used for farming, township development, construction of a lodge, seeting up a game reserve and many more. Asking price is 11m which is negotiable. 

1 hectare farm at Hawane for sale at 1.2M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 1 hectare farm is available at Hawane. Its good for building a residential home. Its within 500m from the main road which makes it easily accessible. Asking price is 1.2M which is negotiable.

10 hectares farm for sale at Piggs Peak at 5M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 10.53 hectares farm at Piggs Peak is available for sale. The farm is behind Piggs Peak hotel and the Phophonyane nature reserve. It has plenty of water. It has fruit trees which include litches, grapes, grapefruits, ovacados, nuts and other fruits in ambudance. There are also beehive boxes. There is also a three bedroom courtage. Asking price is 5M.

5270sqm plot at Ngwenya for sale at 1.8M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 5270sqm plot is available for sale at Ngwenya. It has a tar road frontage which feeds to the highway. The plot is good for building flats, or any other commercial activity. Its opposite a soon to be constructed supermarket and also a few metres from Mabuya Township. Evaluation price is 1.9M but the seller is asking for 1.8M.

22 hectares farm at Tubungu for sale at 14M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 22 hectares farm is available for sale at Tubungu Matsapha. The property is easily accessible by car and foot as it is within a 5 km radius from the Matsapha shopping centre. The farm is accessed via the Tubungu tarred road. There is a perenial stream along the western boundary. The area has estimated average rain of 60 mm yearly and the soil structure is good and feasible for all year round cultivation but is currently lying idle. The farm is situate in a quiet area of Matsapha and is closer to all amenities, schools, shops, clinics, railway line. Sub-dividing into smaller portions can improve returns on the farm. Asking price is 14M negotiable upon viewing the farm.

344 hectares farm at Mhlosheni South for sale at 6.8M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 344 hectares is available for sale at Mhlosheni south near Mageza area.  The farm is accessible by car and foot since there is a track road leading to the farm. There is plenty of palatable water on the farm sourced from a mountain spring and bore hole water is possible.The area  has an estimated average rainfall of about 60 mm yearly and the soil structure is good and feasible for all crops and stock grazing. Asking price is 6.8M.

1000sqm residential plot at Nkonyeni for sale at 550k

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A very nice residential plot covering 1000sqm is available for sale at Nkonyeni Golf Estate. Asking price is 550k.

262 hectares farm at Siphofaneni for sale at 5M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

I have 262 hectares in siphofaneni, 100 arable the other part would be good for farming cattle, goats asking for 5M

48 hectares farm for sale at Ngwenya at 11M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A property located in a prime location at Ngwenya is available for sale. The farm is located next to the fast developing township at Ngwenya. It is connected to the main highway for easy access. Ariels for MTN and Swazi Mobile are located within the farm for extra income. Its a good farm for developing a township or any other project of interest. The size of the property is 48 hectares and the asking price is 11M. If interested contact 76646292 to arrange viewing and for more information.

12 hectares farm with two big houses at Malkerns for sale at 8.2M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 12 hectares farms for sale at Malkerns is available. It has the following:

1. A 3 bedroom house

2. A 4 bedroom house

3. 2 garages

4. Maize crib

5. Chicken house

6. Pig house

7. A river frontage

8. Enough hectares for agriculture

Asking price is 8.2 M which is the evaluation price.

1000 sqm plot at Eveni at 480k

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

1000 sqm residential plot at Eveni at 480k

2.1 hectares farm at Malkerns @ 1.3M

+268  76646292/79101226 [email protected]

A 2.1 hectares farm at Malkerns for sale. Its good for farming and building a home. Its clear without any trees and flat with no rocks. Its about 5km from the main road. Its evaluation is at 1.7M and the asking price now stand at 1.3M.